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Miscellaneous Work

Samples of my smaller, one of projects.

Miscellaneous Copy Projects: Work

Three ways gaming helped people during the pandemic

Published: August 2021

Virtue gaming is an independent developer whose purpose is to use mobile gaming as a tool to helping global issues. 

I decided to tackle the topic of gaming during the pandemic, and how it helped people. 

The Benefits of Raspberry Leaves

Published: September 2019

Who would have thought that raspberry leaves were good for anything? 

During this project, I had to write a blog piece for Overhang with the intention of driving sales specifically through their Amazon store. 

I followed the tone of voice and style throughout the website to create a casual, yet informative blog post about one of the components of Overhangs drink, raspberry leaf. I was also given a bank of words that I naturally had to include in the work so I could talk about the qualities of the drink overall. 

Three Reasons Why Drinking Tea is Good for You

Published: May 2020

The main goal of the 'Healthy Pages' blog is to promote a website directory for complementary, alternative and natural health. With this in mind, I created a blog post about the history and benefits of tea drinking.

The tone and style are casual and easy to digest. this makes the blog an ideal starting point for a reader that wants to research natural health but doesn't know where to start. Everybody knows about tea.

Causes of Sudden Mobility Loss

Published: September 2020

This blog post was designed specifically to drive SEO by using a bank of predetermined phrases. The piece was meant to be informative whilst keeping in line with the tone and style of other blogs on the site.

The post covered why someone might experience mobility loss, what to look for, what could be done and how the company's products could be beneficial to someone with mobility loss.

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