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Bua Consultancy

Increasing disabled and neurodiverse employment inclusion.

Discover more about Bua's mission here: Bua Consultancy

Bua Consultancy: Work

Bua Consultancy: A company of creative change

January 2022

An interview with Bua’s founder Caitriona (Cat) Snell about the ethos of Bua.

Why Equity is just as crucial as Equality

January 2022

A short discussion about equality vs equity from a disabled perspective, with some comments about how employers can help.

The Importance of Independence: An Interview with Active8’s Lindsey Cooper

January 2022

Learn about Active8’s work and why disabled young people have the need and right to be independent!

Medical Trauma during a Diagnosis Journey: An Interview with Rhi Saunders.

December 2021

I ask an old uni friend, Rhi to talk about their diagnosis journey and the centrepiece of the article quickly became medical trauma. 

We need to talk about ableism (featuring Rosie Jones)

December 2021

This article was written in response to the ableist abuse comedian Rosie Jone's faced after her appearance on the political talk show, Question Time. Using her experience I explain what ableism is and how I think we can best combat it.

Acknowledging disability in the workplace: An interview with Martin Townsend

November, 2021

Martin and I discuss navigating the workspace as a disabled person, the importance of communication and the validation that comes from having a job that you love.

See the Person. Not the Disability. An Interview with Riley Batty.

November 2021

I sit down with Riley to discuss the importance of gaining the correct support for those with disabilities.

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