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About Me

I’m a Cornish born writer that studied and stayed in Falmouth upon the completion of my degrees. The people and atmosphere culminate in a one-of-a-kind creative environment which is essential for my work ethic. The top lesson I took from my education is that perfection is rare and hardly achieved. If, however, you approach a task with drive and determination, you’ll always be satisfied with what you’ve created. The lesson serves me well in my copywriting because, I write hard, and edit harder and there’s not been one piece of work I’ve produced that I or a client has been unhappy with.

Creative and caring are the two words I always fall back on when describing myself. I used to think it was cliché, but the more I write and help people through my writing, the more I realise that it’s true. That’s why writing about disability is so easy for me. Of course, being disabled helps but empathy and compassion come with the territory. It makes me easy to work with, and I approach each job with insight, skill and care, irrespective of topic, genre or format. I’m professional but personable and that matters when you’re writing for and about people. I won’t be happy until my client is, that's my customer service guarantee.

When I get a moment to step away from my computer, the creativity doesn’t stop. Though my best creative skill is my writing, I do enjoy knitting and sewing. I also volunteer for a local disability charity because advocacy doesn’t just belong in words, it needs to be practised.

About Me: About Me


Education & Professional Experience

September 2014 - May 2018

Creative Writing Degree

I studied creative writing at Falmouth University and took a keen interest in short stories, screenwriting and everything 18th century gothic. 

I graduated with a 2:1 but received a 1st in my dissertation, for which I wrote a novel about disability representation. 

September 2018 - September 2019

Professional Writing Master's

I stayed on at Falmouth University in order to hone my skills as a writer, with the aim of becoming a professional writer. My passion for script persisted, as did my love of short stories, but I also learnt how to edit, how to pitch, and how to critique.

This is also the year I started to copy write with the intent of building my portfolio. 

June 2021 - Current

Contributing Writer | Minority Mag

As a contributing writer for Minority Mag, I write about my experiences as a disabled young woman. It's my hope that, as I tell more of my story and shed light on issues facing the wider disabled community, people will gain more knowledge and empathy. I always strive to be impactful, but in a casual way, so it feels more like a casual conversation.

June 2021 - Current

Content Creator | Bua Marketing

I work as a content creator for Bua Marketing. The role primarily consists of writing blog content, however, I'm also in charge of content planning and audio editing, when required. 

My aim as a content creator for Bua is to craft in-depth blogs and articles that highlight stories from within the disabled community, in a thought-provoking, yet approachable way.  

January 2020 - March 2020

Copy and Content Writer Intern | MoneyStory

As the resident copywriter for the start-up company MoneyStory, I was required to overlook all content already produced and create elements for the company from scratch. This job was time-sensitive and I had to be able to turn around work fast and to a high standard whilst maintaining the narrative and voice that best suited MoneyStory's need.

April 2019 - Current

Freelance Writer | Self Employed

I've been a freelancer for almost three years and started whilst I was still in education. I began by writing blogs and B2C content through third-party websites. The content I create through these jobs can vary wildly and only have three-hour turnarounds, so I must be quick and concise in my work.

References available upon request, or visit my testimonials page:

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